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 Introduction to the overall housing assembly:

    The overall housing assembly is the company following the country to vigorously develop assembly building policy, the Internet plus the new era of one-stop service, to build houses for the integration of the planning, design, building materials selection, construction assembly, quality management, customer service and other services in conjunction with the whole service pack for you.
You only housing construction requirements (including design, from material choice to construction assembly to a full set of home decoration all done by us, within the scope of the contract to pay to you a complete high-quality housing, talk about cooperation, you only need to carry a bag to be admitted.

All our efforts to give you a safe, comfortable home!

Policy reference:

    Recently issued the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and construction work opinions "is proposed, in which the to the development of new construction, and strive to use about 10 years time, precast construction accounted for the proportion of new buildings to reach 30%.
To encourage the development of assembly type building, a new residential decoration in place.

First eat crabs will enjoy a variety of preferential:

——in line with the requirements of the project, in the planning approval, the construction area of the external walls of the assembly (no more than 3% of the total construction area of the planning) can not be included in the volume ratio of the volume of transactions.

"Pilot" to enjoy preferential policies

——Around the construction of the modernization of the construction of the project, according to the construction area to give a certain financial subsidies.

——The construction of the project, the development and construction of the project, within the scope of the policy, can be phased to pay the land transfer payments. For the construction industry modernization of the project, in charge of all kinds of security provisions of the state, the country can implement the corresponding reduction policies.

——In line with the conditions of the enterprise, can be identified as high-tech enterprises, enjoy the relevant policies.

Range of use:

New rural construction residential, resettlement residential, earthquake resistant, residential, resort, seaside villa, city independent villa.

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