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One-stop equipment factory:

    The company according to the serious shortage of demand and production capacity of domestic and foreign energy-saving building materials market is huge, the use of the most advanced equipment, the most professional technology, the most outstanding team and the company for many years in the industry experience of the actual production and assembly, with Internet plus new thinking to take overall one-stop service mode "on energy saving material plant of intensive integration, from market research to study the plant construction planning and design, equipment configuration and production line installation and commissioning, production training, project production management to sales operations support packaged together to give you full service, let you of the equipment, technology, technology, quality, management, market" future ", let you save worry, save time, factories and success.

We do not sell equipment, we only give you a successful business!

Feasibility of construction:

1, light and energy saving wall material market demand is huge (domestic and international market is broad)
2, the product has the advantages of traditional materials, not on the advantages of
3, less investment, short cycle, high income, fast effect
4, production technology, process is simple, the equipment is easy to operate
5, the production of raw materials are easy to purchase, no pollution and renewable.
6, we set up the overall construction of a successful case of teaching.
7, national policy and the support of relevant preferential measures.

Plant condition:

Main equipment configuration of production line:

Our service content and model:

1, to give you the professional construction of the overall program (including planning, products, operations) for you to build factories and prospects of worry
2, to provide you with advanced equipment, to teach advanced management, so you worry about the production
3, give you nanny type one to a full production and installation training, let you worry about the technology
4, open to you the fine production, process and operation of the process of reproduction, so you worry about the product
5, give you a full range of crony type marketing support, let you worry free on the market

Our advantage:

1, strong brand influence.
2, there are regular production and equipment assembly base.
3, professional team and technical force.
4, there have been a stop plant more than and 10 successful experience.
5, there are hundreds of well-known strategic cooperative enterprises at home and abroad.
6, there are thousands of building energy conservation materials and tens of thousands of the use of the customer satisfaction with the use of products.

Our service concept:

We do not sell equipment, we only give you a successful business.

Our customers:

Domestic customers have been set up:

Guangdong xiongsu environmental protection plate Co Ltd
Hubei rich real environmental protection energy saving wall Co., Ltd.
Inner Mongolia and win Trading Co., Ltd.
Bazhong Sichuan City, East Wang Wang energy saving building materials Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Yangquan eight horse building materials limited company
Yunnan Shun Xin Da building materials Co., Ltd.
Shihezi Xinjiang Construction Corps building materials base
Zhaotong Yunnan Teng Yang Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Millennium Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Customer has set up factories abroad:

Kazakhstan 1; Thailand 1; Iran 1; South Africa 1.

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