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Theo one-stop assembly house services:

    The overall assembly house is the company following the country to vigorously develop assembly building policy, the Internet plus the new era of one-stop service, to build houses for the integration of the planning, design, building materials selection, construction assembly, quality management, customer service and other services in conjunction with the whole service pack for you. You only housing construction requirements (including design, from material choice to construction assembly to a full set of home decoration all done by us, within the scope of the contract to pay to you a complete high-quality housing, talk about cooperation, you only need to carry a bag to be admitted.

Theo one-stop assembly house  process:

Theo one-stop overall assembly house schedule:

Theo integral assembly house characteristic:

Theo one-stop whole building: convenient, save time, save money, safety!

Let you more peace of mind

1, you do not need to run around here and there, you only need to talk about cooperation projects with our company;
2, design, material, construction, quality, safety, customer service... Theo will do that for you.
3, simply leave you, trouble for Theo;
4, you only need a phone call, Theo is at any time for your service.

To make you more time

1, simplify the operation process, reducing the intermediate links, one accepts, the internal operation, the project progress does not cost you any time.
2, all of our materials procurement, production and housing assembly are intensive standardized operation, making progress in the project without any time to waste.
3, we use the integration of materials, assembly construction, housing construction faster than the traditional 3-6 times faster, you can greatly shorten the construction period.

Make you more money

1, one stop service, will not allow you to generate any additional costs in the course of the project.
2, assembly construction to you save a lot of manpower, shorten the time limit for a project, let your money better to circulation.
3, we use the material (wall) to increase the use of the housing area, you have the benefit of virtually.
4, we have a one-stop overall housing assembly, the cost of housing is only 80% of the traditional cost of building, saving a lot of money to you.

Make you more secure

1, we have to provide you with the quality of the material support. Material 96% energy saving, environmental protection, 8 earthquake, class a fire, 70 years of design life
2, we give you the protection of the construction process, there are any accidents in the project by the company.
3, we give you quality assurance, we have used the materials and construction methods have been the national certification and inspection.
4, we give you the after-sale protection, you have any demand, as long as a 400 national service hotline, we will be dedicated to answer for you.

Theo one stop assembly house project case:

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