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Light partition plate rare advantage: environmental protection, easy construction
Date of publication:2016/4/20 19:11:47    Source:    Click:680
In the home improvement field, whether it is large or small space, people are more and more high demand for space planning. The space of various building materials industry ushered in the spring, such as storage bench, contraction type bedding, furniture and other dual-use. In the field of space planning, it is indispensable to the partition board. In recent years, a kind of light partition wall has brought the revolution of the whole wall.
As the new energy-saving wall material, light partition board made of polystyrene foam particles and cement mixture, sand and other materials, through the frequency of steam pressure maintenance and, has the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, wet breath, fire, rapid construction, reduce the cost of wall etc.. The inner is provided with a reasonable layout, thermal insulation and sound absorption in inorganic foamed profile or other insulation materials, wall with a pipeline gating, leveling, conservation science, production and high degree of automation, varieties and specifications of multi.
This energy saving and environmental protection panels are mainly used in residential, office buildings, hotels, hotels, KTV, schools, factories and other civil buildings and industrial buildings.
"Selection of light partition board, less than one day, three wall is separated out, not only the construction of fast, the price is also very affordable." A room for just bought a suite of space planning, Mr. Zhang said. Light partition wall is convenient for installation of equipment and pipe. And the wall can be a variety of pipelines, or buried a variety of equipment, a variety of switches, sockets, etc. are very easy to install, but also easy to adjust. Completely solve the brick wall to take the many ills of the pipeline, and the wall can be directly linked to nail hanging weight, to meet the various requirements of the decoration.
Theo attention to residential, office, hotel, hotel, KTV, schools, factories and other civil and industrial buildings provide light partition wall brick, decoration business, for construction enterprises, decoration company owners and the general provide integration partition installation services.
Theo said selling national utility model patent lightweight partition, the partition has characteristics of lightweight, high strength, fireproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, shock resistance, etc., has the advantages of fast construction, economical and practical, strong plasticity, energy saving and environmental protection. The installation of the wall are free of paint, shorten the construction period, reduce the wall weight, increase the effective area of the house.
"This new partition board than solid brick cost savings of 2/3, not only to save material costs, labor can save a lot of." Theo has revealed that the previous three workers to do a good thing, now one of two individuals can do, a blocking wall soon can be built, the site is also very clean.
Light partition board can be widely used in office, commercial, residential building sub rooms, corridors, kitchen interior partition wall, production technology, installation and operation is simple, easy to master. The product has the advantages of low cost, long service life, high strength, heat insulation and sound insulation effect is better, the weight per unit volume and light and modified without bubble water maintenance.
Theo said that although the light partition board installation is simple, still need to design professional arrangements for wiring, and therefore recommend the user to choose a credible installation team to install. Theo will also accept a variety of residential, office buildings, hotels, hotels, KTV, schools, factories and other civil buildings and industrial buildings to provide light partition wall brick installation business.
It is reported that the selection of lightweight partition, less energy consumed in the various sectors of production, logistics, construction etc., will bring substantial economic benefits, estimates by industry insiders, "the cost of lightweight partition generally about 2 / 3 of traditional block partition walls."

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