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The government strongly supports green building materials energy saving light partition board why support
Date of publication:2016/4/20 21:36:28    Source:    Click:935

Since the state promulgated "green building program of action", and vigorously promote the transformation and development of building energy-saving green building materials, the city carries out the restrictions on the use of clay products, county to prohibit the use of solid clay policy, domestic building materials enterprises began to development and production of new wall materials.
New wall materials industry ushered in a new development opportunities, new energy saving and waste technology, building materials products have been promoted and applied, is conducive to promoting the construction industry, energy saving and consumption reduction. The traditional production of wallboard is solid clay wall, pollution, high cost and serious phagocytic survival of the people of the land, on the natural environment produces tremendous damage therefore, light wall brick has in the nationwide widely replaced the traditional red brick, and create a new wall materials market a renewal of the new revolution. In order to protect the limited land resources and realize the sustainable development strategy, the state and local government introduced a number of policies, strictly prohibits the continued use of traditional wall materials - solid clay brick, a growing number of building wall materials and market blank form bright contrast. The completion of each building is formed by the accumulation of a piece of brick, clay brick fade caused a revolution, a revolution in the field of building materials, a revolution in the opportunities and challenges, a wealth of revolution.
In addition, China has a rich variety of fly ash and other industrial waste resources, therefore, to set up a lightweight partition board factory, a bright investment is consistent with the policy orientation, wise also benefits the country, the characteristics of various government policies and exclusive tax preferential market reform Chinese building wall the courage and perseverance of light partition on board equipment with ultra low dust emissions, no environmental pollution, save operation cost, product quality is stable and reliable, can be widely used in insulation materials, wall materials, Guizhou Theo light energy-saving plate limited company is to provide the most favorable protection for a company engaged in new energy saving wall materials, exquisite equipment to the majority interested in Denver in the wall materials market.
The government strongly supports green building materials energy saving light partition board why support
1, because our country is vigorously developing green building, and has introduced a number of policies, but also makes the light partition board this one with the green material has been supported by the policy.
2, in the production of light partition plate when the main raw material used is industrial waste, so the cost of a larger profit margins higher.
3, due to the light partition board to meet the basic functions of the building foundation also has light, fire, noise, environmental protection, heat preservation effect, so that it has become a more comprehensive performance of a material.
4, light wall board application range is very wide, suitable in the industrial space, office building, school, guesthouse, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, villas, apartments and other using and thus have a very broad market prospects
5, light wall plate construction speed! A large number of construction sites that rely heavily on artificial masonry! Substantial savings in building space! Substantial reduction in investment costs!
It can be seen that the existence of light partition board has a very significant meaning, development is also the trend of the times. The development of light energy saving wallboard market not only represents the development of China's building energy efficiency market, but also marks the comprehensive reform of the national team building materials, for the new building materials market is very memorable.

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